Craving Lechon

Not being in top shape yet, I’ve been looking out for food that will restore my appetite to “normal”. Yesterday, I barely ate anything and was surviving on a soft caramel I just got from The Food BIn. Not to worry, I don’t binge. One caramel every 3 hours?

Then last night, TPS asked about my health and when told i alternate between feeling cold and feeling hot, she suggested tomato soup and pineapple juice. Great idea the tomato soup because I normally enjoy that when cooked as seafood bisque.

What to eat with the bisque?

Okay, brace yourself. I’ve grown a tad tired of beef. I will never again buy beef to the max from a store no matter how good their cuts are. As for chicken – it’s healthier, right? So just the other day, I had HHA cook chicken wings the way she normally does for herself and HHB. I always am envious when the waft of fried chicken enters our room so the reason why I had her prepare ours the way they do theirs.

When she brought the wings in, I was super dismayed. Very pale, very anemic. I didn’t even want to taste it and didn’t. Later I asked son how he found the chicken. His response  – I thought they were frog legs. And they were very dry.

So spare my taste buds of chicken as well, I thought.

What then? Lechon? Though there’s no guarantee the taste will agree with how my taste buds are behaving now.

Elar’s in Xavierville is no more. Lydia’s Lechon too. No more. So scrap those numbers I shared on a post on the two lechon sources.

And sadly, no one delivers one kilo of lechon to our neck of the woods. How I wish I lived in Philam Homes where there’s a MIla’s lechon by their gate or close by.

Son, sensing my craving offered to pick up whatever I wanted.

I was longing for cochinillo of Alba’s but because Food Panda bought City Delivery, I can no longer get this as our house is beyond 4 km from the resto. Grrrrr…..

Then son mentioned Sabroso in Blue Ridge. He said he’d drive over. I said wait, I’ll call.

Sabroso in Blue Ridge informed me I have to order a day before. Even just a kilo?

Yes, because deliveries are scheduled.

if only I had a crystal bowl that allowed me to predict what I’ll be craving for tomorrow.

Joke. Son is on his way home already and was told the lechon is Ilonggo recipe. I guess that means it was cooked with tanglad – which husband might not like. Hoping I”m wrong.

Incidentally, Sabroso is selling TU’KA. So it might not be a good idea to give it as Christmas present? THough I can always pair it with chicharon so I won’t appear such a cheapskate.

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