Have you heard of the story about the boy who cried wolf?

This morning before 10 I asked Hhb to go to the bank to pay for my 2121212 gift order. The bank is just in the corner and she normally takes 5 minutes max. In fact she volunteered to redeem my stuffed toy in Rustan’s but I prevailed on her not to because that would prolong the exercise.

She came back 1045. It occurred to me she was getting back at me while Hha said maybe there were many people because it is payday.

I didn’t notice the time stamp on the bank transaction. I didn’t think to look. I was anxious for Hhb to go to another nearby bank to deposit payment for my hair products from a dermatologist friend and so she left. That must have been 11:00. She came back 1:04.

First bank transaction receipt time stamp: 10:17:14.

Second bank transaction receipt: 11:46:06.

I asked why. She said she felt dizzy and sat it out. I told her after the first, she should have told me so I wouldn’t not have sent her out.

Truth? How come the lawyer Hha was not talking? She fibs a lot for Hhb.

Oh well. Life must go on.

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