Kitchen remedies

Two days ago, was it, we had dinner inspired by the chunky chicken chowder and  what looked to me like bruschetta sandwich in Food Network. I was excited. I thought of having chicken alexander and bruschetta open sandwich style for dinner.

CHicken alexander recipe I got from a cookbook produced by a batch of young ladies in the school I taught though I never had them. We had done it previously and it was excellent. So what went wrong 2 nights ago?

CA has 3 parts: the sauted chicken with corn, bechamel sauce and mashed potato. HHA prepared and put salt on all three parts. The outcome: salt overload. While husband and son ate a substantial amount, I couldn’t go beyond two teaspoons and announced my displeasure to HHA. I said it should be remedied and suggested she add potato. She did – mashed potato sans any other ingredient. CA tonight for dinner was perfect.

The bruschetta. I know HHA loves shortcuts. So I said to get canned tomatoes instead of fresh ones. Very wrong. The bruschetta two nights ago was mushy. I let a good deal slide off my slice of bread. Tonight I had her prepare a new batch and advised that she put the topping separate from the bread so we could scoop as much or as little as we wished atop the bread where cheese had been put and baked. Good. Not great because the bread used, my mistake, was American bread. Should have been French bread.


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