Today there were two doctors I “encountered” in a most positive way.

Doctor A is taking care of her mom who had surgery. She promised to update me on any developments and did. Except that she sent me a photo of what was taken out from her mom. I couldn’t help it. I said “S***” and sounded tearful. My husband and son looked at me and asked why. I said she sent me pictures and one was of what was taken out. Could thing I don’t faint easily but I really felt weak in my unfeeling knees, my tummy, etc. I tried to scroll without seeing the photo but it couldn’t be helped. I saw it again. I handed the phone to son who said he’d said emoticons so I wouldn’t see the photos. Luckily he checked and  was able to delete the photo. WHEW.


A friend recommended her doctor friend to me whom she really believes to be “on the mark” when she diagnoses. And I’ve been consulting her since. Once she asked me to send a photo of a wound. I asked son to send it from his phone so I’d not see it. He obeyed. This doctor is super sweet. We’ve never met but she’s just so nice. I wish I had known her earlier. This pm she called to say thank you for a care package I sent. It was our first conversation, we usually just text. Her voice, as is her written word,  is so kind and reassuring. Again, I wish I had known her earlier. I try not to abuse her kindness. If I can, I try to avoid calling her. I self-medicate. Bad of me but with my “experience”….


So there a gory/funny experience and a sweet, kind tender one with two ladies from the medical profession.

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