Shang on a Windy Sunday

I had long been wanting to go back to Shangrila to buy, among other things, scent for our Goodsphere, scent for our elephant, Acca Kappa brush and comb (wooden bristles) which I read are good for falling hair (not necessarily AK but wooden bristles), lunch bag for son, etc.

Then Koppu/Lando came and I thought oh well, not meant.

This morning I was feeling cold but took a bath early so I could shampoo and condition my hair using the derma-prescribed Bosley shampoo and conditioner. That done, I shivered a little and decided to take paracetamol, dressed up and put on a black Muji I don’t what atop my old shirt. Shortly after we began driving, I was feeling better – the mottling was gone. Note that my wheelchair now has this cushion that has made me sit taller, ergo the clearance between my head and the car’s ceiling is almost miniscule. Asked son to drive and to be careful doing so. He was and not once did my car hit the ceiling. Hooray for son.


At Shang, to warm me even more we had lunch at Ganso Shabuway. TPS, as you suggested, it was a good excuse to have high quality meat as my dish. Shared by son and husband, of course. I like hot pot – makes me gorge without feeling guilty as it’s boiled and  has veggies. (oops, lightning?)

After lunch, in no particular order, we went to Rustan’s in search of son’s lunch box and bag. Tiger had a really masculine one – black, except that the food containers in it, while insulated, weren’t microwaveable. From the fourth floor of Rustan’s, we rode the elevator to each floor and finally, on the first, we bought the AK hair brush and comb. The things on one floor fascinated husband and son, particularly the tables made locally by Prizmic and Brill. Really beautiful but not cheap. So we just looked and looked and looked.

Husband has been looking for shoe laces, right? Found it in Ecco on the second floor of Shang, except that it’s longer than he needs. Well, beggars can’t be choosers.

Went inside Kate Spade diagonal from Ecco. TPS, swoon. On the table at the center were pink wallets, pink bags, pink everything. Son asked if I wanted to look around, I said no, I might end up buying something. Big joke.

At M&S, there was a small sale but I didn’t find anything I liked.

By the way, there was this pair of sandals going at 50% off in Rustan’s. This. Size 8, my size. Payable in 3 months. Thing is it was rather long, so no. Besides what I’m looking for are evening or formal sandals for a niece’s wedding.

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 20.06.42

We went to True Value and wow, the lines were long. Ongoing sale. Son said to husband and me that he’d just line up and we could go around. After a brief interval, he texted and said he’d just buy what we were about to buy (Klitz scent for Goodsphere – apparently there’s no Goodsphere anymore?) in Rustan’s. We had already told the sales clerk there that we were buying but by the time we left the section selling the Tiger lunch bag, she was nowhere to be found. So while husband and I were in Gourdo’s, son went to Rustan’s.

Gourdo’s – I hardly leave the store with no purchase. The items are so enticing and the prices not so bad.

So now we have a new plates set. This:

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 19.55.07

And we got the 16-pc set for less than P800, I think.

Got son a lunch bag (Trudueau) that didn’t come with lunch boxes. Not to worry. There were choices available that fit. The sales clerk helped us out.

Got a grandson a drum set. Husband and son said “lagot ka sa nanay.” When we got home, I recall having given him a less noisy set. Am I in for it?

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