Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick

I asked for it – of a dear priest friend. Back in 1982, when I was confined for the first time in hospital, I requested it of the hospital’s chaplain. And somehow, I felt more serene afterward.

Last week, I texted my priest friend and he said yes, but had yet to come back to Manila.

I waited a few days for him to say he was coming. Friday he texted he would come Saturday.

He asked my son if I wanted to receive communion. Son said yes. When he and I saw each other, he asked if I wanted to go to confession.

Days previous I had mulled over the possibility but as i examined my conscience, it occurred to me that I wasn’t really too keen. I didn’t want to emote which was likely. I didn’t want to emote in the presence of husband and son in the house.

He reassured me it was fine but extracted the promise I should, one of these days.

Remains to be seen. But after the anointing, I did feel more energized and at peace.

I believe strongly in the Sacrament of the ANointing of the Sick.

I’m glad I asked for it and my request  granted

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