When without an appetite

For over a week, I hardly consumed anything. Water was difficult to swallow, meat was bitter.What got me by were fruits, mainly lanzones.

My sister constantly called to ask what I was craving; I’d tell her nothing but she’d manage to bring something or other. She brought me casuy with garlic. Heaven. Chocolates weren’t that agreeable. Hakaw even and then some. Son’s girlfriend bought me bottled fruit juices. Uggh. I was appreciative but then… She also sent some cream puffs from Sonja and last night crustaroons.

Son bought these things for me – the medicine organizers I used but this water thingy I couldn’t drink too much from. He was constantly telling me to drink, called his friend’s dad who’s a doctor. He prescribed some meds and my episodes of chill and fever went down.

IMG_5402 IMG_5403


But I still wasn’t eating or drinking much.

Decided to text cousin who’s a doctor. She prescribed Moriamin and while that didn’t really improve the taste of the food, it did at least perk my appetite enough to make me eat a little of this, a little of that.

Oh yes, days ago, son went to the North and sent a photo of the kilawin he had for dinner. I had HHA make me some but somehow, it just wasn’t too yummy. Son’s dinner:


One sister sent me a recipe for a lemon loaf. She was missing the US Starbucks version. I made two loaves:

FullSizeRender (9)

Frosted both but kept one for us here at home

FullSizeRender (10)

I think there might be better recipes around

Here’s a slice husband laid on the Picasso small plate he’s so happy about. And his coffe in a Picasso cup and the coffee press he likes very much. He uses Lavazza coffee.

IMG_5420 (1)


In other news, okay, attempts to regain my appetite, we’ve ordered from Kos Greek Ouzeri. Flavor of the souvlaki was good but  the pork tough. The moussaka was good though it’d taste better if I were not having tastebuds problems. Ordered the Greek version of squid kilawin. Initially they refused to sell me as it wasn’t fully marinated, but I convinced them. Son and husband ordered chicken gyro. Their preference was beef, not available.

Today we ordered from The Primary – seafood paella, truffle sauce fish, osso bucco, tono salata. My taste buds aren’t yet appreciative. I wasn’t too pleased with the seafood paella. It has a certain herb or spice I’ve not experienced in other paella. Almost P1000 per order. Generous in terms of seafood  but the taste….


Finally, waiting for Pepeton’s crispy pata to be served. Ordered this with gising gising and am asking HHA to prepare bagoong rice.

Rationale for this seeming binge: doctor said to eat anything I want.

For now anyway.

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