Crispy Pata on my Mind

Doubtless, among those from my generation, the first experience of CP was Barrio Fiesta’s.

Then Minggoy’s in Greenhills came out with Knock Out Knuckles. Or am I confusing it’s name with that of Cafe Adriatico’s? Either way, Minggoy’s was really good and as the resto disappeared, we settled for Cafe Adriatico’s. Good also.

Abe’s, a younger sibling of CA had crispy pata but after we tried it’s Lechon Cubana, we didn’t look back. If we were in Abe’s or ordering from it, it was LC for us, along with sizzling baby pusit. And it was in LC that I first tried laing and gising-gising, both winners.

Except that the delivery services ceased to deliver from Abe’s. I had to look for an alternative.

Casa Armas has cochinillo, a sixth portion consisting of 6 slabs. It was fine until the delivery services ceased to deliver from it. SIGH.

The other day, talking to a friend, he mentioned Mesa’s baby squid in olive oil and the crispchon. Eager to try it, we called 2121212. The girl said she’d call me back to see which branch would deliver. Alas and alack, she took a while and we were famished. So son and I recalled the other recommendations of friend: Livestock and Pepeton’s.

Livestock doesn’t deliver and I didn’t fancy son’s going out to get an order. Luckily Pepeton’s does deliver and so we ordered just crispy pata and gising-gising. Both good and until such time we find another resto that delivers crispy pata (aside from Barrio Fiesta), Pepeton’s it will be. Unless too we’re in the mood to try out Livestock whose claim to fame is that a popsicle stick could slice it.


On a culinary note but of various kinds of edibles, check out masarapka on Instagram. It is a lot of fun, is frank and informative. Go.

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