Halloween and I

I really cannot relate to H. I think my son went trick or treat hunting (see I don’t even know the term) once upon the invitation of a friend. I don’t even remember if I had him put on a costume. As in.

Days ago, I saw someone’s post on FB decrying the overflow of Christmas mentions and decor in our part of the world – which I honestly hadn’t noticed. I wanted to tell her, not too many people can relate to H, you’ve been away too long. But I kept my peace. I’m not sure anyone reacted to her semi-rant.

I didn’t want to argue over what I believed to be substantial so, I kept quiet.


Saturday, this may not be too related, I watched EB. I saw TIto Sotto and Joey de Leon clad in Middle Eastern gear, Vic looking like someone dead. The costumes of the two took me aback. But I thought, I guess they found it very convenient to wear as it didn’t demand too much effort and imagination.

Then there were posts demanding an apology from the Muslim community. They said the two’s wearing what they did seemed to imply their group was a scary one.

In truth, I didn’t think it that way. For me, H is costume time.

But I also understand where they’re coming from.

Watching EB now, hoping they’ll apologize on air.

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