Untruths -dealing with them

This am, son who missed work to take care of me and I were talking. I asked if he had friends who announced they were sick in social media and he said yes, usually to ask for prayers.

I blog about my ailments as a way of releasing my anxiety. If reading about is burdensome, you always have the option to stop – which I do when I read depressing blog posts.

Why don’t I resort to social media seeking prayers en masse? Many reasons-

I’m not sure all those who find out have my best intentions at heart. I might have haters for all I know. When I told this to son he said “no naman siguro!”

But back in 1982 when a tumor paralyzed me, an aunt and a sister of a classmate told people back home that I had cancer. And a classmate who finished psychology with highest honors told another classmate or more I was frustrated about not graduating with highest honors, hence my paralysis.

That really hurt. 

So now you know where I’m coming from. Sometimes even well meaning friends say the wrong thing. One who learned I’m sick texted “hope it’s nothing serious”.

Get well soon and praying for you would have sufficed.


4 thoughts on “Untruths -dealing with them

  1. Grabe lang yung psych grad classmate mo. More like psycho. If we’re going to correlate frustration over honors with tumors, all buildings and public areas would be wheelchair-friendly.

  2. Admittedly, I am one of those well-meaning ones who sometimes do not know what to say. 😮 IDK, I feel awkward. But I do not say “Praying for you…” just for the sake of. It sounds uplifting, but I feel fake if I do not get around to really praying for the person.

    On the other hand, shaming a sick person is downright heartless. It reflects more on the person’s character and lack of compassion. Baka sya ang may issue. At kung ganun, sya ang dapat ipagdasal.

    • It took years for me not to be “plastic” with her, there might even be remnants of that plasticity till now. She’s the type who pontificates. Thanks for “sympathizing”.

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