Back in the 70s my sisters then living in Germany would bring over bottles of Conimex, where we’d dip radish cake made by Vir. Conimex was so good I tried to have son look for it when he went but for naught. The reason I mention Conimex here is that the bottle was so well constructed there was no spillage on the mouth of the bottle, it was amazing. 

Same goes for Emborg milk. Husband noticed that. 

And son did of Hario bottles where the condiments in Saboten are served.

So pray tell, why has the packaging of the likes of Diprogenta, a corticosteroid in a tube not improved? I dread opening a new one which I had to do tonight as I have a slight cut on the side of my lips. So imagine how little I needed. And how much came out of the tube. Arrgh, Arrgh, Arrgh. What to do with the excess? Look for someone who needed it. Found that in son.

Otherwise, what to do?


6 thoughts on “Packaging

  1. Yung mga tubes kasi may slight pressure when they are sealed, hence the tendency to spill. But the plastic tubes seem to be better because the tubes are bent, only heat sealed on the sides.

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