An analogy

Time was when TV stations stuck to set schedules. A show set at 7 started almost at 7 or just a little later.

Then with the surfeit of commercials,  anything went. And TV watching/waiting became annoying.


Back in the day, our cook, my yaya before I was old enough,  stuck to a schedule.  She’d cook breakfast for us before 5 and then go off to  market in Marikina once a week. Before those who had to leave for work or school went on their way, she was back.

HHA is like TV stations these days. She wakes up at 5, cooks breakfast, bathes. So I can’t get off bed/sit up until she’s done. Today that was at 7:45 a.m. She said she’d go to market after cooking their breakfast and having it. See? No set time.

Anything goes…


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