The Pages

I am no techie, I don’t know how to make a table of contents for the posts in my blog. But I have for a long time wanted to make one of sorts, for you as much as for me. Sometimes, I want to re-read a post or do a recipe but I don’t know how to look for them easily.

I have long envied those bloggers who know how to handle every feature available. Apparently, I am a dunce.

The only way I could think of was to make a page for every classification conceivable, insofar as my posts’ topics are concerned.

Crude, right? But I know of no other way.

It has been a tedious process. But I’ll try to do as much as I can.

Sorry if the titles beside Home and About have made you think there’s something to be read in the pages. There are, and there aren’t.


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