Pastillas de Leche, de Macapuno, etc.

Ever since I was a child, I loved eating pastillas de leche. But there are pastillas de leche and pastillas de leche by different makers, of different tastes and packaging. And the quality differs across makers.

Thus far the most consistent has been Iya’s, at least per my experience. Thing with PDL, one never knows if what one gets has no molds creeping along the sweet as PDL is wrapped in bond paper and white papel de japon. So how is one to know?

A word of advice: never, ever give a box of PDL unless you trust your source who should assure you it’s a fairly new batch. Last Christmas, my husband received a box of Sevilla’s PDL. Know that yellow box that’s lovely enough to be exported? No not the kraft boxes wrapped in cheap wrapping paper. No not the thin cellophane plastic bag ones. The yellow box one sees in stalls in malls. What do you know, given the surfeit of food stuff in the house around Christmas time, it wasn’t till 3 days ago that we opened the Sevilla’s PDL. Before opening it I checked for an expiration date and found none. Maid did the same. Found none too. At any rate, every single PDL had blue-green growths in them. After opening just one, my husband decided to throw them but the maids looked at each and every wrapped candy and found nothing edible among them. Sad.

A few months ago, I bought a pack of macapuno candy from the same stall or at least same brand and in just two days, there were blue-green thingies in them.

It’s unfair that this stall keeps on selling low-quality/spoiled goods. I guess they take comfort in the fact or to put it more bluntly are brazen about selling such because who’d bother to go back to have them change it given the price of fuel, the inconvenience etc.?

Sad, really sad. Which government agency should police this seller? DTI?


4 thoughts on “Pastillas de Leche, de Macapuno, etc.

  1. Pastillas does not have a long shelf life. A week at best. I don’t see that you refrigerated it. Did your husband bring the pastillas home the same day he received it?

    • there was no advice outside that said the thing should have been refrigerated. Plus no expiration date. So, we didn’t refrigerate it. Should we have? Iya’s pastillas lasts a good 3 weeks. We brought it to France and when we got there two weeks after we bought it, it was still okay.

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