Comfort food

I’ve been in hospital a few days trying to recuperate. First order – hydrate, second eat. Months back I would have scoffed at the suggestions. But this time, they were for real. Swallowing? How does one do that?

I have been trying to fill up and realized the saying the spirit is willing, the flesh is weak is all too true.

The food that has been reviving me is soup. Soup mostly – broth of chicken boiled, Halaan, etc. 

have also tried to eat comfort food on which I’d like feedback.

Hopia. Got two kinds from Goldilocks . The mongo tastes like camote. The crust of the pork is tough.  

My sister buys the sweetest oranges after mass in olpp every morning. 

Ice tubes are easier to find in shell select.

6 thoughts on “Comfort food

  1. Always praying for you, ma’am. I will always cherish the kindness you’ve shown me. I wish I chatted with you more last year. You are deeply missed – even by “virtual” friends.

  2. I saw about your passing away in an Ateneo fb site, got me really sad even if I never met you. I wondered why you haven’t posted anymore until my son showed me the fb post. I will surely miss your posts. I constantly pray for your eternal rest with our Lord, God bless your soul! My condolence to your family.

    • Whats her name again? i’m totally sad cause today while cleaning up my inbox i stumble upon her blog post and got curious why her last post was November. and knowing that she passed away thou we never really met breaks my heart. cause i always read her post whenever i received notifications. now i would like to know her even in picture. please would someone tell me whats her name?

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