Tonight’s dinner – a combination of two recipes

When I first saw this recipe, I thought we should make it. It only has five ingredients, one of them meatballs which husband likes.

Alas and alack, one of the five ingredients is frozen meatballs. Not wishing to be stressed, I looked for a meatball recipe and found this one. It has a recipe for marinara sauce but as we had a bottle of pasta sauce on hand, I decided we should just use it. I don’t remember where I read it but it occurred to me to put pasta on the bottom most layer and we used fusilli. Partly I think the idea cam from HHA who heard “spaghetti” instead of “spaghetti sauce” so she asked me how much to use.

We had mozzarella cheese on hand but I didn’t want more parmesan for the topping as one of the meatball ingredients was parmesan already.

Verdict – husband was happy. SOn found the meatballs a tad dry. I suggested he sprinkle some chili oil on it and after he did, he said it made a world of difference.

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